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Pawzler is a premium brand of innovative modular dog puzzles. We sell directly to customers, but also have Wholesale and Retail channels established in 40+ countries. We are always looking for new partners who share our values and love for animals.

Please reach out to if you own a pet store and would like to bring Pawzler to your customers!

What is Pawzler?

Pawzler offers interactive dog puzzles that promote mental stimulation in dogs. Our modular approach to dog puzzles is an innovation in the market that allows customers to continuously re-invent the toy to keep it interesting for their furry friends. Additionally, multiple sets can be merged together to prolong the play time.

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What are Benefits of Pawzler

  • Enrich a dog’s life by providing mental exercise
  • Help reduce anxious & destructive behavior
  • Keep the dog busy and entertained
  • Help build a stronger bond with dogs
  • Can be used as a food bowl to slow hasty eaters and encourage picky eaters
  • strong materials

    Made from food safe materials.

    no sharp edges

    Made without sharp edges.


    Dishwasher safe to keep them clean.


    Pawzles are detectable on X-ray


    Each purchase donates to charity.

    Why Work
    With Pawzler?

    Mental stimulation toys for dogs are a fast growing trend, with Pawzler meeting the evolving needs of this customer segment

    Our premium, innovative and lively product stands out on the shelves and communicates an elevated selection to the customer (see our retail box).

    Carrying mental stimulation dog toys shows you care about enriching dogs’ lives by offering products that provide them with much needed mental work out. Way to go!

    • Keep the dog interested longer: each element (pawzle) is removable to allow for multiple combinations
    • Promote sustainability: in case of damage, individual pawzles can be replaced or removed instead of the entire toy being discarded
    • Adjustable difficulty: turning pawzles in a different direction changes difficulty to satisfy dogs of various skill levels

    Merging of multiple sets can inspire repeat purchases

    Our Retail Partners Say

    Ohana, Zagreb, 1 pet store

    “Our customers love Pawzler! We have a small space our store where dogs can play and try it out.. works wonders. So lovely to see dogs explore Pawzler and it helps the parents make a decision to buy it.”

    Pet's Factory Lot, UK, 2 pet stores

    “Such a brilliant idea! We love it that the bases can be merged together. We've had customers come back to the store for Pawzler as they wanted to expand their set. We're currently selling them in both of our stores!”

    Hundadot, Iceland, 1 pet store

    “Superb quality and a really premium product. Not a single return to date. Multiple customers came back for another one. We also tried selling them in bundles with treats and that worked well for us.”

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